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The BioSampler Advantage offers a constant sampling efficiency over longer sampling times. Thicker, non-evaporating liquids such as ViaTrap mineral oil can be used to maintain constant sampling efficiency over an 8-hour work shift. Longer sampling times increase sample volumes for detecting organisms at lower concentration levels.

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BioSampler Operation

BioSampler is operated with a sonic flow pump such as the BioLite+. The
BioSampler’s three nozzles act as critical (sonic) orifices, each permitting
4.2 L/min of ambient air to pass through, resulting in a total fl ow rate of
approximately 12.5 L/min. Collection liquid with a viscosity much higher than
water, such as ViaTrap (special mineral oil), can be used with the BioSampler
to provide constant collection efficiency over an eight-hour sampling period.

BioSampler Sample Analysis
BioSampler samples provide many analysis options:
  • Growth Culture quantifies/characterizes airborne cultural bacteria and fungi
  • Microscopic enumerates and provides limited identification of total airborne bacteria and fungi
  • Biochemical Assay quantifies biological compounds based on reaction to
a chemical.
  • Immunoassay quantifies airborne allergens based on antibodies binding
to a specific target antigen.
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) identifies bioaerosols by screening for a
specific genus or species.

  • Ideal for airborne bacteria, fungi, pollen, viruses, endotoxins, mycotoxins, and other fragments
  • Constructed of quality glass — autoclavable
  • Collection method ensures high rate of microorganism viability
  • Extends sample time to over 8 hours with ViaTrap liquid
  • Overcomes sampling problems with impinger samplers
  • Inlet limits collection of particles to those that would pass through the human nose
  • Complete BioSampler System available — includes all equipment and media needed for bioaerosol sampling

BioSampler 20 ml 3-piece glass, includes inlet section, outlet section, and collection vessel.

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