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Meet G7 EXO the world’s first cloud-connected area monitor with integrated 2G/3G/4G communications.

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Blackline Safety G7 EXO

Blackline Safety


Changing the game, again.

Blackline’s portfolio of G7 solutions empowers teams to monitor their environments for hazards and respond instantly should something happen. Our systems incorporate state-of-the-art technology to address the shortcomings of other solutions on the market. We’ve already changed the face of gas detection and safety wearables, and now we’ve set our sights on disrupting another market — area monitoring. Meet G7 EXO — the world’s first cloud-connected area monitor with integrated 2G/3G/4G communications. When G7 EXO is turned on, it automatically connects directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud, streaming critical insights of your site or facility. Turn-key connectivity, intelligence and versatility are hallmarks of every G7 solution. With G7 EXO, you gain control over your projects and make the ultimate difference for your business, no matter the scenario playing out before you.

Next-gen area monitoring.

Area monitoring has never been simpler yet more considerate of your needs. G7 EXO leverages industryleading cellular and satellite connectivity to empower comprehensive, robust area monitoring, without any of the hassle associated with other systems. No need for clumsy RFID tags or manual networks to connect personnel to an area monitor — G7 EXO does this automatically and intelligently. With auto-generated, intelligent zones, G7 EXO works alongside employees equipped with G7 wearable monitors for maximum visibility into the safety and productivity status of a facility. Both systems continuously stream location and gas reading data to the Blackline Safety Cloud, providing a full situational overview of a business’ workforce and facility.

Cloud-connected insights.

G7 EXO solves the challenges of continuous toxic and combustible gas monitoring for sites, facilities and fence lines. Automating long-term area monitoring and connected safety for unmatched efficiency, G7 EXO allows teams to focus on their work at hand. Leveraging integrated cellular and satellite connectivity, G7 EXO can be placed anywhere and automatically communicates environmental data to our Blackline Live safety platform — making manual data collection a thing of the past. The integrated connectivity capability is comprehensive, never limited by the number of devices in an area or on a mesh network. All you have to do is turn it on.

  • 100+ day battery life
  • Diffusion and combination diffusion / pump models
  • Internal 2G/3G/4G wireless works in 100+ countries
  • Works globally with optional Iridium satellite communication
  • Call for help using the SOS latch
  • Simultaneously monitors up to five gases
  • Over 20 available gas sensor options
  • Works seamlessly with Blackline Live cloud-hosted software
  • Communicates data to the Blackline Safety Cloud — no need to collect data from the field
  • Blackline Live automates configuration changes, plus firmware updates
  • Blackline Analytics automates compliance reporting
  • Internal GPS and beacon location technology
  • Manage G7 EXO area monitors in Blackline Live alongside G7c personal monitors

Drop-and-go deployment.

No more questions, just simple placement and hassle-free execution. On startup, or manually from the main menu, EXO communicates the status if its cellular or satellite connectivity, GPS/beacon signal and placement status. With a large, full-color screen, G7 EXO clearly displays all the information users need to know on its full-color screen. If the set-up isn’t quite right, EXO will let you know to simply run the set-up wizard. Auto-generated zones empower out-of-the-box, seamless communication and monitoring of personnel in a specified area. EXO-generated zones automatically work with nearby personnel, notifying them of potential hazards. No need to tag in and out or join multiple teams.

Designed for your environment.

Until now, conventional area monitors have suffered short battery life, limited configurability and complicated or inadequate connectivity. Designed in response to these shortcomings and with customer feedback in mind, G7 EXO features industry-leading run times and functionality, supported by the Blackline Safety Cloud for simple deployment and worry-free operation. With an aluminum body and exclusive, full-color interface, G7 EXO is designed to withstand the harshest conditions while still being easy to use. A loud alarm and series of lights communicate events with personnel in its vicinity, while simultaneously communicating the alert through the Blackline Safety Cloud to other EXO and person-worn G7 devices throughout your facility. G7 EXO leverages the same plug-and-play gas sensor cartridges as the rest of our G7 portfolio. Should a sensor fail or reach the end of its serviceable life, simply pop it out and replace it with a new one — eliminating device downtime.

Connected workplace.

Featuring two output ports, G7 EXO can be configured to send signals to other equipment on your site. Should gas levels reach a high threshold you can activate external sirens, open or close gates in the event of an emergency, or flash lights and sound a siren to alert personnel within a zone. During an emergency, G7 EXO also leverages relays to communicate to other areas of your site, empowering real-time awareness and visibility of an incident. EXO connects your teammates through the use of zone alarms, automatically alerting other devices in its zone. Need to make changes on the fly? No problem, change or update EXO’s configuration over the air in seconds. G7 EXO delivers never-before-seen area monitoring control in a rugged, easy to use and deploy system.

Ready-to-use deployment kits.

Remote area kit

■ G7 EXO

■ Gas cylinder

■ Solar Panel

■ Tripod

First responder kit

■ Carrying case

■ G7 EXO

■ Up to four G7 devices

■ Up to four spare cartridges

■ Standard mount

■ EXO quick charge

Turnaround kit

■ Carrying case

■ G7 EXO

■ Up to four G7 devices

■ Up to four spare cartridges

■ Standard mount

■ Scaffold mount

■ EXO quick charge

Confined space kit

■ Carrying case

■ G7 EXO

■ 100ft of tubing

■ Standard mount

■ Portable siren

■ EXO Quick charge
















Gas detection features

  • Under and over limit alerts
  • Time-weighted average (TWA)
  • Short-term exposure limit (STEL)
  • Low and high gas alerts
  • Bump test and calibration notification
  • Bump test and calibration failure



Solar panel for continuous monitoring. Mounting options include wall, 1 ft tripod, 3 ft tripod, magnetic and rail/scaffold mounts


Gas sensor options

Ammonia, high-range ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, high-range carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, COSH, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, high-range hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen-resistant carbon monoxide, LEL-infrared, LEL-pellistor, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, ozone, photoionization detector, sulfur dioxide


Blackline Live web application

Cloud-hosted safety monitoring web application is highly customizable for every customer requirement. Includes live map, employee address book, user roles, alert management, device configurations, alert setups and reporting



G7 EXO area monitor: two-year hardware warranty

Gas sensors and pumps: lifetime warranty with active service plan

Blackline Complete lease option: provides comprehensive warranty for full three-year term

More Information
Manufacturer Blackline Safety
Colour Black
Item Type Multi Gas Detectors
Alarm Type 360-degree visible yellow and red lights Blue LiveResponse light: Confirmation that a monitoring team has acknowledged the alert
Battery Type Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
Display Type LCD Monochrome
Dimensions 385 mm x 188 mm x 220 mm (15.1” x 7.4” x 8.7”)
Unit of Measure each



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