Electrostatic sprayers add an electric charge to cleaners for higher efficiency

Electrostatic sprayers have been around for a little while. First invented in the 1940s they have only recently come into common usage. Just in time for the COVID outbreak, these devices have given us more tools for our arsenal. They can help us to stay safe and to stay clean.

What is an electrostatic sprayer?

Electrostatic sprayers, such as the ElectroDefense ED8660 are aerosol cans which contain a disinfectant. There is nothing special about the disinfectant used. It may be no different than what you would find in a grocery store.
When the disinfectant comes out of the can the individual particles pick up a static charge. This causes them to be more attracted to surfaces.
Another way to think about it is that with a regular misting spray most of the droplets will eventually fall to the floor. This is an area where disinfecting is not generally needed. With the electrostatic charge more of the disinfectants will end up on surfaces and objects where it is needed.

Do electrostatic sprayers actually work?

Scientific testing done prior to COVID found the electrostatic sprayers worked at least as well as regular backpack sprayers. Often the electrostatic sprayers performed better. Studies have also found that the electrostatic sprayer produces much less waste than the backpack sprayers. This is because the disinfectant is attracted to surfaces rather than hanging in the air or falling to the floor.

Are electrostatic sprayers safe?

Although the specific chemicals the sprayer uses may be regulated there are no regulations for the use of the sprayers themselves. Generally the manufacturers advertise rooms can be reoccupied immediately after using the spray. This is because the disinfectant will not be staying in the air in high quantities.
For more information on electrostatic sprayers please reach out to our team of sales experts who can answer whatever questions you have. You can reach them at 1-888-207-2212.
April 1, 2021

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