Detecting and preventing Coronavirus is one of the greatest challenges these days
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BioSamplers: Tracking the Coronavirus for research

BioSamplers: Tracking the Coronavirus for research

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has revealed how vulnerable we are in our everyday life to elements outside of our control. This has proven to the world the need for BioSamplers.

Everywhere we go in our lives we have other people around us. We have no idea what level of exposure these people may have or what their habits to stay clean are.

There is no foolproof way to ensure no one can or will pass their germs on to us. Even hermits occasionally interact with other people.

SKC brings us the next best thing. If we can’t control what is in the air, can we at least monitor it for certain contaminants like viruses?

Although a sector of the industry which is still in its infancy, SKC offers a line of BioSamplers which can passively detect the presence of viruses and other microorganisms.

These BioSamplers are for both short term and long-term collection. They are also the means by which labs around the world right now are collecting their Coronavirus samples.

Using BioSamplers

The operation of a BioSampler is straight forward. You must first sterilize the sampler itself and select a liquid to collect the sample. The liquid you choose will depend on what you are collecting and the time over which you are collecting it.

After selecting the liquid, place it in a filter and load it into the BioSampler. While this is happening, turn on the pump to allow it to warm up. It is at this point that calibration of the pump happens.

Once the pump is ready to go, hook it up to the BioSampler and placed in its desired location. Once you collect your sample remove the collection media for analyses, either in house or through a third party lab.

Although the BioSampler is unable to provide realtime data it is valuable for being able to detect where people may have been exposed so they can be alerted to prevent the further spread of the virus.

SKC also offers a Button Sampler, a personal wearable device for an individual's shirt collar. Attach the device to a pump and then leave it in place for the duration of the testing period.

Once the test is complete you can remove the filter from the Button and analyse it using your preferred testing method.

You can clean the button sampler with soapy water and a brush. This makes it extremely easy to use and maintain.

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