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Download The Honeywell Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Gas Detectors

Download The Honeywell Guide to Cleaning & Disinfecting Gas Detectors

Disinfecting And Cleaning Your Toxic And Combustible Gas Detector Requires Great Care

We've been cleaning an repairing instruments for over 20 years. We've seen it all and know the dangers of what can be lurking on an instrument. We always take extra care and precaution before one of our technicians touches an instrument. We always follow the manufactures reccomendation fo cleaning and disinfecting.

While most of our customers rely on us to keep them safe and their instruments running, most companies have implemented strict policies regarding disinfecting and cleaning to keep workers safe. This likely includes extra precautions or inclduing surfaces not normally included in a regualr cleaning plan.

Proper cleaning and disinfecting of a Honeywell gas detector requires special care and each manufacture has their own specifications for how and what to use when cleaning their instruments.

Do you use Honeywell gas detectors such as  the BWClip, MicroClip XL, BW Quattro, MultiRAE, MiniRAE, or another Honeywell gas detecotor that needs cleaning and disinfecting?

Do it wrong and you can damage your monitor

Download Honeywell's offical guide to cleaning and disinfecting their detectors to make sure your keep your detecor in good working order and clean. 

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