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Gas Detection - Remote Monitoring

Gas Detection - Remote Monitoring

Until recently a major issue with most gas detection devices was that remotely tracking gas exposure was not possible. Companies could not see the exposure their workers were facing.

Personal devices are ideal for telling each worker that something is wrong, but they are unable to alert the company. Companies relied on the worker to relay the data to the company. This in turn increased the time it took to react.


With wireless gas detectors both the worker, and the company know when there is an issue.

While the gas detector is running it will also send data to a computer. This second computer can keep this data and track trends.

Wireless gas detectors, such as those by RAE Systems can connect using a number of wireless methods. This includes, but is not limited to, Near-Field Communication (NFC), Cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi.

These devices can also create a mesh network. This allows data to move between devices in relay until it reaches its final destination on the corporate network.

These mesh networks make wireless gas detection an ideal solution when working in confined spaces. These are places where the types of devices they would have sent this data sent to may not be nearby.

Wireless gas detection thus provides for the workers safety. It also gives the company peace of mind. They will know the moment there is a issue, thus speeding up its response.

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