A lone worker in a dangerous environment with all the proper safety gear
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How to stay safe and healthy as a lone worker

How to stay safe and healthy as a lone worker

When doing work that could be dangerous it is normal to work in groups so everyone can look out for everyone else. Certain situations may need a lone worker. For example a confined space may be so tight that only a single worker is able to be in the space.

In situations where it may only be one worker alone in a space it becomes very important to have all the equipment necessary to stay safe.

What equipment does the lone worker need?

What equipment a worker on their own needs depends a lot on the situation. The most important piece of equipment will be something to check on the health and wellness of the lone worker.

Blackline’s Loner Mobile/Loner Duo is an excellent example of this type of device. Utilizing Bluetooth to connect to a nearby smart phone, the Loner Duo gives the worker an SOS button in case they need immediate help. Additionally the device will be triggered in case of a fall, or in case of non-movement for a pre-set period of time.

Other devices, such as the Blackline G7 allow for monitoring over much longer distance. They communicate over 3G or satellite signals. This allows workers in remote locations to be watched over from a long distance.

The G7 will also monitor for gases in its environment and communicate those back to base. This a feature that is especially necessary for any lone workers in confined spaces. In these situations where a buildup of, or in the case of oxygen a lack of, gas can happen quickly and can be deadly.


What about short range monitoring?

In situations where long distance monitoring isn’t needed the ProRAE and ToxiRAE series of gas detectors are excellent tools. Although they don’t have the worldwide range of the G7 these devices are able to form a network. This allows them to communicate with each other over a distance. Thus ensuring someone always knows the condition of the lone worker. In the case of an emergency help can be sent.

Monitoring is the number one most important factor for lone workers. This is especially true in potentially dangerous situations. The other equipment they use will be very similar or identical to what teams would use. The major difference is that any devices must be able to communicate offsite.

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