Colorimetric tubes with gas pump
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Tubes: Low Tech but Accurate Gas Detection

Tubes: Low Tech but Accurate Gas Detection 

As anyone who works with gas detectors knows monitors are a big deal. You need to know that your workers are protected. For this reason the tools you are using are complex and probably state of the art. But there is a low tech, inexpensive solution; Gas Detection Tubes 

How they Work  

Also known as colorimetric tubes, gas detection tubes can be one of the easiest ways to detect gas.  

Each tube is a few inches in length and sealed at both ends. To use them you’ll need to break off both ends and attach a hand pump approved for use with the tube (For example a hand pump certified for RAE Systems tubes) to the marked edge.  

Once you have attached the pump follow the instructions included with the tubes to make sure it is pumped the correct number of times as well as for the correct length of time.  

The chemical inside the tube will change colour to indicate the concentration of the gas you are looking for.  

The Advantages of Tubes 

Tubes have many advantages over more advanced gas detection systems.  

First, they are much cheaper.  

Second they do not need to be calibrated. Getting a tube ready for use is as simple as taking it out of the package.  

Third they are much easier to use than most other methods of gas detection  

And finally they are small, portable, and easy to transport. This is true even when taking in to account the hand pump which is the size of a large syringe.  

Uses  for Gas Detection Tubes 

Because of their disposable nature tubes are obviously not the tool you want for continuous gas monitoring however they do have many uses.  

Primarily you use the tubes for spot checking for a specific gas. Whether this is because you need to check that a leak has been fixed, or if it is because you suspect a specific gas is in the area.  

Additionally, you can use the them in conjunction with a larger continuous gas monitor as a gage to ensure the monitor is properly calibrated. Since they do not need any calibration you can rely on the results they give you when used properly.  


Although lacking some of the features of larger gas detectors, and missing the ability to actively monitor, the gas detection tubes are versatile and provide a low-tech solution to many gas detecting needs.  

For more information on the gas detection tubes you can contact Concept Control’s sales experts at 1-800-793-9548. They will be able to walk you through the products available to you and help you find the right solution. 

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