Water Monitoring 101
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Water Monitoring 101

Water Monitoring 101

Water monitoring is an important preventative procedure. Monitoring water sources for signs of contamination can reduce the impact of water contamination through early detection and a fast response to issues. The appropriate type of monitoring and the design of the system depends upon hydrology, pollution sources, and the population density and climate of the region. There are four basic types of groundwater monitoring systems.

Different Systems:


Involves collection of background water quality data for specific aquifers as a way to detect and evaluate changes in water quality. 


Performed in an area surrounding a specific or potential source of contamination such as a landfill or spill site.


Enforcement monitoring systems are installed at the direction of regulatory agencies to determine or confirm the origin and concentration gradients of contaminants relative to regulatory compliance.


Wells are installed for detection and assessment of cause and effect relationships between groundwater quality and specific land use activities. 

Other tests can be performed, depending on the location of the water source. For example, if the water source is near a mine, then monitoring to detect the acid drainage that can flow from mine tailings may be warranted. Alternatively, if the water source is near a nuclear power plant or uranium facility, testing for the presence of radioactive compounds is often warranted. Water sources that incorporate urban areas often are monitored for the presence of petroleum compounds meanwhile, water sources in rural areas are monitored for the presence of farm fertilizer and pesticides.  


Solinst 101 P2 water level meter

Water Level Meter:

Measures water levels

Solinst 101 P2:

  • features an easy-to-repair probe and heat embossed polyethylene tape
  • shielded in design to reduce or eliminate false readings in cascading water
  • stainless steel body with a neoprene heat shrink seal
3001 LTS Levelogger Edge water datalogger

Water Datalogger:

Measures water levels, temperatures and conductivity. 

3001 LTS Levelogger Edge

  • Self-contained Water Datalogger
  • Full range 0-80,000 S/cm
  • ideal for salinity and saltwater intrusion studies, tracer tests, agricultural and stormwater run-off monitoring
  • Conductivity, water level and temperature datalogging
Waterra .45 Micron Filter groundwater filter

Groundwater Filters:

Filter ground water prior to dissolved metals analysis.

Waterra .45 Micron Filter

  • Disposable groundwater filters
  • high turbidity 
  • contains 600 square cm of high quality polyethersulphone 0.45 micron filter media
  • offers the user the most surface area available in capsule type filters today
  • PFAS, PFOS & PFOA free

Waterra Spectra Field-Pro peristaltic pump

Peristaltic Pump:

Positive displacement pump.

Waterra Spectra Field-Pro:

  • self contained suction lift pumping unit
  • all-inclusive design- no external cables, chargers, batteries etc., everything you need is in the kit
  • pump will run for 8+ hours
  • purge at nearly twice the rate of other pumps

Water monitoring is an important element to an environmental monitoring program, helping to detect leaks, spills or contamination early. This can help with preventative measures, and in turn minimize environmental remediation efforts. Concept Controls has a range of environmental monitoring instrumentation from leading brands such as Solinst and Waterra available to help address your needs with industry-leading technology. 

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