Gas Detection: Single, Multi, PID & Sensors

As technology evolves, becoming more refined, we start to see more options for gas detection. Concept Controls has 20 years in the gas detection industry. We can provide the know-how you need for gas monitoring.

If you are looking for a gas detector which can only detect one type of gas we have a selection of single gas monitors. If you are looking for a Multi-Gas Detector which can detect a range of threats we carry Four and Five gas Detectors. For confined spaces we have BW’s GasAlertMax XT Confined Space Kit. If you’re trying to detect combustible gases you might need a Photo-ionization detector. Concept Controls can help find the monitoring solution that can do what you need. We have a staff of service and sales professionals able to assist you with choosing the correct gas detection solution for your job site. Concept Controls is a leader in gas monitoring and has partnered with major manufacturers of gas detection equipment. Partners include SKC, MSA, and Honeywell with their Blackwell and RAE brands. With these partnerships Concept Controls can provide both a wide range, and a high quality of equipment.

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