Calibration Gas

Calibration gas is an important part of gas detection. Without the correct gas to calibrate your monitors there is no way to know whether they work or not.

As experts in gas detection Concept Controls seeks to provide you with all the gas you could need for your work place. For single gas calibration we have over 25 gases. Available gases include argon, pentane (C5H12), methane, hydrogen and many more. As well each of these gases is available in a variety of concentrations depending on the use. Concept Controls also carries a range of multi-gas calibration kits. These kits can test multi-gas monitors without needing several different gas canisters. These multi-gas kits will allow you to test all the sensors built into your multi-gas detector as well as the device's alarms. The kits will also test the monitor's ability to detect LEL. Finally, even when your gas monitors are all calibrated you still need to know they work. With our bump gases you’ll be able to conduct tests. A successful test will trigger the alarms on your device when you expose it to gas. To speak to a sales expert who can give you an in depth look at our calibration gas options to help you find the right one for you please call us at 1-800-793-9548.

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