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In any industry it would be a mistake to overlook fixed gas detection. The need to track the air quality in your environment is especially important.

You might be in a factory with machines that can produce noxious gases. Or you could be in a warehouse using air quality monitoring. In either case Concept Controls is here to assist.

At Concept Controls we have decades of experience working in gas safety. Without a doubt this gives us the knowledge and connections to ensure you receive the equipment you need.

Our partnerships with Honeywell, a leader in gas detection, and Aeroqual, a leader in environmental monitoring, also allow us to offer an option to suit your needs.

We options ranging from sensors, controllers, relays and all in one systems. This variety significantly increases your opportunity to find a flexible solution

At one end of the spectrum the low cost Aeroqual SM70 indoor air monitor will allow you to watch ozone levels in a specific place.

On the other hand the E3Point System offers a scalable solution. With it you can watch out for toxic and combustible gases throughout an entire facility.

If you have any questions you can speak to an expert with Concept Controls. They can give you an in depth look at our Fixed Gas Detectors. Together you can find the right fit. Please call us at 1-800-793-9548.

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  1. Sensepoint XCD RTD Remote Junction Box, 3 Terminal

    Sensepoint XCD remote junction box with 3 terminal.
    By: Honeywell
    Part #: 2430-0021
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  2. Sensepoint XCD Series 2000 Weather Housing for Toxic Sensor

    Series 2000 weather housing for use with Sensepoint XCD toxic sensor.
    By: Honeywell
    Part #: 02000-A-1635
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  3. Sensepoint XCD Toxic Calibration Kit

    Toxic calibration kit for Sensepoint XCD includes: calibration cover, removal tool, potentiometer adjustment tool. Please...
    By: Honeywell
    Part #: 2106B2114
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  4. Sensepoint XCD RFD Duct Mount Adaptor Assembly

    Duct mount adapter assembly for use with Sensepoint XCD RFD. Requires adapter interface kit (p/n 1283-1084).
    By: Honeywell
    Part #: 1283-1047
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  5. Sensepoint XCD RFD Sensepoint Adaptor Interface Kit

    Adapter interface kit for Sensepoint XCD RFD. Requires duct mount adaptor assembly (p/n 1283-1047).
    By: Honeywell
    Part #: 1283-1084
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  6. Aeroqual SM70 Fixed Indoort Air Quality Monitor

    SM70 Fixed Indoor Air Quality Monitors are low cost and feature-packed designed for a wide range of indoor and...
    By: Aeroqual
    Part #: FM SM70
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  7. Aeroqual Series 900 Fixed Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    The Series 900 Fixed Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a flexible monitor compatible with a wide range of gas sensors suited...
    By: Aeroqual
    Part #: FM S900
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  8. Protective Wire Guard for E³Point (E3PT-CAGE)

    Protective wire guard for use with the E3Point system.
    By: Honeywell
    Part #: 1309-0071
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  9. E³Point Tamper-Proof Kit (E3T-PK)

    Tamper-proof kit for use with Honeywell E³Point system.
    By: Honeywell
    Part #: 1309K0001
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