Gas Detector Tubes

Gas detection tubes, colorimetric tubes, Gastec tubes, you know these simple devices by many names but they all perform the same function.

Sometimes electronic gas detectors are not the answer. Sometimes the extra equipment is too much. Maybe you only need to spot check for gas.

Additionally you could be looking for something to double check the data your electronic detector gives you. You want to be able to compare the results to make sure everything is working.

Finally in some cases, you might only suspect the presence of a certain gas. You do not need a full-fledged electronic gas detector though. For these situations Concept Controls can provide you with Tubes.

We carry a variety of gas detection tubes from RAE Systems for the detection of a wide range of gases.

To pump air to the tubes we offer the RAE Systems LP-1200 Piston Hand Pump and accessories.

These devices are all tested and certified by RAE Systems.

If you have any questions you can speak to an expert with Concept Controls. They can give you an in depth look at our gas detection solutions - both electronic detectors and tubes. Together you can find the right fit. Please call us at 1-800-793-9548.

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