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Wireless gas detection has created a new freedom for when it comes to field work. With wireless tech employers and supervisors can track the safety of their staff at any site from any place in the world.

Concept Controls has joined with the brand leader RAE systems to bring you the most reliable wireless gas monitors on the market today.

The Mini, Multi, and UltraRAE monitors can create a direct connection to a network. Otherwise they can be used in series to create a mesh network. This allows for wider coverage and an increased number of use cases.

The portable MiniRAE and UltraRAE series of monitors give you an adjustable key for detecting VOCs.

Further the MultiRAE series gives your workers a multi-gas detector in a small package. The devices also have twenty-six sensor options that you can easily change in the field.

Lastly, the ToxiRAE gives wireless gas detection in a single gas detector. The device has sensors that you can replace and can test for many gases. This includes TICs, VOCs, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen.

Together this suite of RAE Wireless Detectors can give you a variety of alternatives that can work in any setting.

If you have any questions please contact us at 1-800-793-9548. We can connect you to an expert for an in depth look at our Wireless Gas Detector choices.

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  1. MultiRAE Lite Monitors (Models PGM-6208 and PGM-6208D)

    By: RAE Systems by Honeywell
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  2. MultiRAE Pro Monitors (Model PGM-6248)

    By: RAE Systems by Honeywell
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  3. UltraRAE 3000 Monitors (PGM-7360)

    By: RAE Systems by Honeywell
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