A World Leader in the Manufacture of FTIR & UVDOAS Multi-Gas Analyzers

Concept Controls & Cerex Relationship

Since 2015 Concept Controls and Cerex have been in a partnership. Cerex believes in what Concept Controls offers in protecting workers across Canada. In addingCerex's product line to our existing lineup, we add another trusted and recognized brand to our customers who look to Concept Controls for the highest standards of protection and worker safety.

Cerex’s roots began in 1994 with one of the first Open Path FTIR remote sensing systems. Since that time, many of the concepts of absorption spectroscopy have been applied and developed into instrumentation solutions. Core technologies that Cerex employs include broadband Infrared and Ultraviolet, as well as tunable diode laser.

Multi-Gas Analyzers

The Cerex's gas detectors are portable multi-gas analyzers developed to detect part-per-billion (ppb) to percent level concentrations of multiple gases within a mixture. These devices produce laboratory quality results in real-time using ultraviolet light absorption – similar to traditional infrared detectors, but features lower detection limits on many human health hazards and does not interfere with water vapor.

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