Cyclone Cassette Adapter, for GS-3 Cyclone, 37 mm



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Replacement Cassette Adapter for GS-3 Cyclone, 37 mm

  • Operates at 2.75 L/min to conform to the ISO 7708/CEN criteria
      • Meets OSHA criteria
      • Meets ACGIH respirable TLVs
      • Higher flow rate increases sensitivity for lower concentrations
  • Unique design overcomes disadvantages of the 10-mm nylon cyclone
    • Multiple inlets eliminate ambient wind speed and orientation effects

  • Conductive plastic eliminates electrostatic effects
    • Not a spark hazard for underground mine use

Performance Profile

Sample Time Varies
Sample Rate 2.75 L/min for 4-µm 50% cut-point * (OSHA silica rule)
Sample Pump Universal or AirChek series
Sample Media 25 or 37-mm filters in 3-piece cassettes
Tubing 1/4-in ID
* Calibrated at U.K. Health and Safety Laboratory

GS-3 Respirable Dust Cyclone
Meets ISO 7708/CEN Criteria

GS Cyclone Train on Worker and Cyclone closeup


GS-3 Cyclone Cat. No. 225-100

GS-3 Cyclone’s Unique Design

    • Conductive plastic construction eliminates static collection problems with charged particles.

  • Multiple inlets eliminate sensitivity to wind velocity and user orientation to the contaminant source.

The Multiple-inlet GS-3 Cyclone
The GS-3 Cyclone is a 10-mm lightweight conductive plastic sampler used with a standard three-piece cassette with filter for the collection of respirable dust particles. The GS-3 Cyclone’s removable cassette adapter securely holds the filter cassette in place during sampling. Designed to conform to ISO 7708:1995/CEN particle size-selection criteria, the GS-3 Cyclone has a 50% cut-point of 4 µm (bias within ISO/OSHA/NIOSH requirements) at 2.75 L/min (Calibrated at U.K. Health and Safety Laboratory). 

OSHA Publishes Final Rule on Respirable Crystalline Silica
In its final silica rule, OSHA sets a new permissible exposure limit (PEL) of 50 µg/m3 across all industries covered by the rule and abandoned the previous silica PEL formula. In addition, the OSHA final silica rule states that any sampler conforming to the ISO 7708/CEN criteria (50% cut-point of 4 µm) can be used for workplace silica. The ISO 7708 criteria have been adopted by NIOSH, ACGIH, and many other global occupational hygiene organizations. SKC GS-3 Cyclone performance data, relative to the ISO 7708/CEN standard, was published in the Journal of Aerosol Science, 28, 1997.

Traditionally, respirable dust sampling with a cyclone has been performed using a clear styrene cassette. NIOSH now suggests that conductive black polypropylene cassettes are a better option for this application to minimize cassette wall losses.

Graph: Average Sampling Efficiency GS-3 Cyclone at 2.75 L/min

Collection efficiency relative to ISO 7708 standard in OSHA final silica rule and ACGIH TLVs
(click to enlarge) 

GS-3 Cyclone Superior Performance 
With low mean bias and higher flow rate requirements, the GS-3 Cyclone provides better sampling accuracy when compared to the performance of other cyclones used for respirable dust collection. Furthermore, the multiple-inlet GS-3 Cyclone overcomes sampling problems that have been reported with the single-inlet 10-mm nylon cyclone. 

Kar, K. and Gautam, M., "Orientation Bias of the Isolated 10 mm Nylon Cyclone at Low Stream Velocity," AIHA Journal, Vol. 56 (1995), pp. 1090-1098

Gautam, M. and Sreenath, A., "Performance of a Respirable Multi-inlet Cyclone," Journal of Aerosol Science (U.K.), Vol. 28, No. 7 (1997), pp. 1265-1281

Trakumas, S., et al., Performance Assessment of Personal Respirable Cyclone Samplers, AIHce Presentation 191, 2003, (PowerPoint presentation)

OSHA Final Rule on Respirable Crystalline Silica 

More Information
PN RN-225-102
Manufacturer SKC
Item Type Cassette
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