Pandemic Mitigation Planning


The health and safety of workers is a top concern and increased focus on health and safety is required to keep companies open, keep workers and the public safe. Below are tips, and best practices employers should follow during a pandemic situation.

We believe that having the preventative measures in place offers the best defence in stemming a potential outbreak. Having these three strategies in place will ensure not only your workers safety, but the general public and your customers as well. Early detection of a possible infection can result in less risk to your business and a reduction in downtime. These strategies range from easy processes to using technology for mass testing scenarios like stadiums or airports.


Preventative measures are usually the easiest to put in place and offer the best defence in preventing a potential outbreak. Testing and or screening at point of entry can include asking the below questions:

  • Are exhibiting flu-like symptoms such as fever, tiredness, coughing, or congestion
  • Have they travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days
  • Have they come into contact with someone with a confirmed or probable contagious disease
  • Have they been working on a site that was shut down due to a probable contagious disease

Another preventative measure is through use a of thermometer to check for high body temperature. This can be achieved through, ear scanning, temperature IR gun, and for larger crowds companies may wish to use mass temperature scanners such as Omnisense SentryMk4.

Biological Testing Environments
Testing and identifying environmental contamination in infected areas and or potential for transmission to adjacent areas is where air sampling excels. Being able to pinpoint potential hot spots can make all the difference. Sampling approaches can include swab sampling of surfaces and air sampling of a given environment.
  • Hospitals
  • Long Term Care facilities
  • Schools
  • Call Centres

Mass Temperature Scans
A great way for early detection is via mass scanning for high temperatures. For high volume areas of people like the list below, you can utilize the SentryMk4 to quickly pick out potential abnormal body temperatures.
  • Airports

  • Sport Venues
  • Malls
  • Facilities
Detection Monitoring
You may not be aware that when cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide you may be putting yourself at risk due to over exposure. Wearing a portable monitor to detect increases of H2O2 exposure can ensure that you are being safe and should be part of the pandemic planer. 


The symptoms of any disease can share symptoms with many other illnesses including the common cold and or flu. During an outbreak, it is recommended that any worker who is experiencing any symptoms should be sent home. Employers should advise all workers experiencing symptoms to complete a self-assessment outlined why your company policy or look to your local public health unit or your family physician. Public Health is usually the leading authority for all issues related to potential outbreaks and only they can provide detailed instructions to employees and employers.


Communication is key, and a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities will be key. Everyone will need ensure health and safety policies are updated and posted for all your employees to see. Use industry resources including those produced by the IHSA and Health Canada to improve understanding of any potential issues.

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