Immediate response no matter where you are

Wireless gas detection has brought a new level of safety and efficiency. Now you can monitor multiple sites from anywhere.

What’s your work site like? Do you have a single location where the environment changes depending on where you are? Do you have a number of different sites?

With wireless gas detection, every part of your operation can be monitored and kept safe from anywhere in the world.

By sharing critical information between locations, sites can back each other up in an emergency. If power goes down in one location, another site will still respond right away.

Help to bring it all together

Walk us through your operation. We’ll recommend the right wireless set up for your needs. We’ll help you navigate the technical details and show you how the system can be set up and monitored for the best results. In-depth training is also available.

Concept Controls can help you get started. You can start with a base system and expand it as your needs change.

Call today. Let us show you the possibilities.


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