In-line Plastic Traps for Glass Midget Impinger, 3/pk



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Pack of 3 In-Line Plastic Traps with sorbent to remove vapours.

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In-line Plastic Traps, for glass midget impinger, with sorbent to remove vapors, with replaceable sorbent, pk/3


Impingers are Pyrex glass bubble tubes designed for the collection of airborne hazards into a liquid medium. When using a personal air sampler, a known volume of air bubbles is pumped through the glass tube that contains a liquid specified in the method. The liquid is then analyzed to determine airborne concentrations. An impinger may be mounted on the side of an air sample pump or put into a holster and placed near a worker's breathing zone.

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PN 225-22-01
Manufacturer SKC
Item Type Accessories
Unit of Measure 3 per pack
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