Concept Controls & MesaLabs Relationship

Since 2015 Concept Controls and MesaLabs have been in a partnership. MesaLabs believes in what Concept Controls offers in protecting workers across Canada. In adding MesaLabs' product line to our existing lineup, we add another trusted and recognized brand to our customers who look to Concept Controls for the highest standards of protection and worker safety.

Mesa serves a broad set of industries that require dependable quality control and calibration solutions. Mesa helps maintain critical environments for hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, blood banks, laboratories, pharmacies and industrial facilities.

Air Flow Calibration

Now more than ever, modern industry requires precisely-honed process control systems. Requirements, standards, and competition have become so demanding, and the margin for error so slim, that for many organizations 2% or 3% of reading standardized accuracy is no longer enough. MesaLabs offers fast, highly-accurate calibrations with gas-species independent primary standard solutions.

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