MSA ALTAIR 2XP H2S (10, 15 ppm) Detector with XCELL Pulse Technology, Glow-in-the-Dark Case



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MSA ALTAIR 2XP gas detector for monitoring H2S. Features patented XCell Pulse technology which allows for stand-alone bump testing without the need for calibration accessories or bottled calibration gas.

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All Altair 2X Gas Detectors:

  • Incorporate proven XCell® sensor technology
  • Enhance worker safety, compliance and traceability
  • Minimize cost of ownership
  • Demonstrate rugged durability

Product Options:

  • ALTAIR 2XP Gas Detector with XCell Pulse Technology: H2S- Features the first stand-alone bump test, which eliminates the need for bottled gas!
  • Bump test anytime, anywhere. Based on proven science and patented sensor capabilities.
  • ALTAIR 2X Gas Detectors: CO, CO-HC (High Concentration), CO-H2 (Hydrogen Resistant), H2S-LC, SO2, NO2, NH3 and Cl2
  • ALTAIR 2XT Two-Tox Gas Detector: CO/H2S, CO-H2/H2S, CO/H2S-LC, CO/NO2 and SO2/H2S-LC

Low cost of ownership

  • Fastest sensor response times, lowest calibration gas flow rate on the market
  • > 4-year expected sensor life
  • 3-year warranty on instrument & most sensors (2 years on Cl2, NH3)
  • Stand-alone bump tests reduce maintenance, increase productivity (ALTAIR 2XP only)
  • 1 device can monitor 2 gases (ALTAIR 2XT only)

Increased safety awareness & real-time compliance

  • Stand-alone bump test anytime, anywhere without specific calibration gas (ALTAIR 2XP only)
  • Bump pass: green LED flash every 15s, large on-screen checkmark
  • Bump fail or expiration: red LED flash every 15s, no checkmark
  • End-of-sensor-life warning and alarm

Full-time traceability

  • Records 75 alarm events
  • 150+ hours of periodic data (ALTAIR 2X and 2XP)
  • 100+ hours of periodic data (ALTAIR 2XT)
  • Compatible with MSA GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System and MSA Link Pro software

Rugged durability

  • Tough over-molded rubber armor
  • Survives multiple 25-ft drops onto concrete
  • Agency-certified dust- and water-tight IP67 construction
  • Intrinsically-safe design


  • H2S
  • CO
  • SO2
  • CO-H2
  • CO-HC
  • H2S-LC
  • CO-H2
  • NO2
  • NH3
  • CL2
  • NO2

Alarm Set Points:

  • H2S - Low: 10ppm, High: 15ppm
  • H2S - Low: 5ppm, High: 10ppm
  • CO - Low: 25ppm, High: 100ppm; H2S - Low: 10ppm, High: 15ppm
  • CO - Low: 25ppm, High: 100ppm; H2S - Low: 5ppm, High: 10ppm
  • CO - Low: 25ppm, High: 100ppm; NO2 - Low: 2.5ppm, High: 5ppm
  • SO2 - Low: 2ppm, High: 5ppm; H2S - Low: 10ppm, High: 15ppm
  • CO - Low: 35ppm, High: 100ppm
  • CO - Low: 30ppm, High: 60ppm
  • CO-HC - Low: 25ppm, High: 100ppm
  • H2S-LC - Low: 5ppm, High: 10ppm
  • CO - Low: 25ppm, High: 100ppm
  • CO-H2 - Low: 25ppm, High: 100ppm
  • SO2 - Low: 2ppm, High: 5ppm
  • NO2 - Low: 2.5ppm, High: 5ppm
  • NH3 - Low: 25ppm, High: 50ppm
  • CL2 - Low: 0.5ppm, High: 1ppm
  • CO - Low: 30ppm,High: 60ppm


  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Fire Service
  • General Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Water Treatment
  • Confined Space
  • Toxic Detection
More Information
PN 10154188
Manufacturer MSA
Gas Types Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +50ºC
Alarm Type Visual_Vibrating_Audible
Battery Type Lithium-ion Battery
Dimensions 3.5" l x 2.125" W x 1.25" d
Unit of Measure EA
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