Concept Controls & SKC Inc. Relationship

For over 10 years Concept Controls and SKC Inc. have been in a partnership. SKC believes in what Concept Controls offers for industrial hygiene and occupational safety. As a well-known and respected leader, SKC has continued to lead the industry forward by offering innovative technologies as well as advanced scientific knowledge and expertise to both customers and the marketplace in general. 

For over 50 years, SKC has led the research, design, and manufacture of quality sampling equipment and media to aid health and safety professionals in the evaluation of occupational and environmental hazards. 


Air Sampling Instrutmentation

SKC offers active and passive sampling solutions for gases and other compounds present in the health care workplace. SKC active samplers require an air sample pump to collect hazardous gases and vapors in air; passive samplers collect hazardous vapors by diffusion without the use of an air sample pump. 

Sample Bags

Soil gas sampling is a valuable screening method to determine the presence, composition, and origin of underground contaminants such as VOCs. Soil gas sampling is done in the vadose zone, which is the region extending from the soil surface to the top of the principal water table. Soil gas sampling allows environmental professionals involved in vapor intrusion studies to determine whether underground contaminants are entering the overlying structures and affecting indoor air quality and has other important applications.


Professionals in a range of industries use air sampling filter cassettes to quickly and safely collect samples of a wide range of hazardous substances, from asbestos, mold and particulates. SKC has a long history of manufacturing innovative cassette air sampling media and related products.

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