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Trap for collecting volatile organic vapours. Can be used with or without sorbent.

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Trap for Glass Midget Impingers



Trap, for glass midget impinger, for collecting volatile organic vapors; can be used with or without sorbent

Impingers are Pyrex glass bubble tubes designed for the collection of airborne hazards into a liquid medium. When using a personal air sampler, a known volume of air bubbles is pumped through the glass tube that contains a liquid specified in the method. The liquid is then analyzed to determine airborne concentrations. An impinger may be mounted on the side of an air sample pump or put into a holster and placed near a worker's breathing zone.

Laboratory-quality Glass Midget Impingers

SKC impingers have graduations that are accurate to within ± 0.5 ml for each increment. This helps reduce volumetric measurements required in the field and in the laboratory, while also saving time and money. Serial numbers on both sections assist with sample identification and proper part matching.

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PN 225-22
Manufacturer SKC
Unit of Measure ea



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