Canada's First Calibration Lab

TSI Inc. is excited to announce an expanded service and calibration lab located in Canada for the PortaCount Fit Tester. Local, Canadian support will eliminate international shipping issues and shorten wait times, passing savings on to our Canadian customers.

Through our exclusive partnership with Concept Controls, TSI has installed the brand new PortaCount Calibration bench in their Cambridge, Ontario office located at 160 McGovern Drive. Concept Controls can now perform factory authorized service and calibrations on all PortaCount Respirator Fit Testers. TSI chose Concept Controls based on their integrity, trust and industry knowledge as a solid partner to lead the charge in the Canadian marketplace.

Factory authorized service has been something desperately needed in the Canadian market as many third party companies continue to offer uncertified reference readings and call them calibrations. This partnership between Concept Controls and TSI is a definite a homerun for both of our companies and our mutual customer base.

Mike Stephens, Concept Controls President

Being TSI Certified Counts

With our certified calibration lab Concept Controls ensure that your PortaCount is working to full manufacturers specifications to be legally valid as a fit tester. Concept Controls knows that calibration is key in determining not only the accuracy, but the traceability of your instrument. Calibration also includes inspecting, repairing and testing the equipment if it isn’t performing up to standards. For this reason, we emphasize accuracy at every level from particle size to speed, shape to composition. Our customers can be confident in the accuracy of their results.

PortaCount with Tablet

We’re excited to build on our relationship with Concept Controls to provide our Canadian customers with local service for both of our product offerings. This partnership allows our customers to have properly calibrated instruments, while saving time and money.

Troy Tillman, TSI Business Director
Authorized3rd Party
Multipoint “verification” of instrument measurements
End-to-end leak check
As-Found calibration check
Service history review
Test against NIST traceable standards
Replace all internal tubing, O-rings and orifices
Clean optics chamber, valves, orifices, and pump(s)
Consumable accessory items replaced with OEM parts: twin tubes, zero filter, fill capsule with alcohol cartridge, two spare wicks, etc.
Update instrument firmware and software (if applicable)
Clean and columniate laser, mirrors in optics assembly
Adjust pump flow values to original equipment design
As-Left calibration with NIST traceable calibration, including performance evaluation against proprietary TSI calibration bench

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