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Waterra Foot Valve, 5/8" OD, stainless steel SS-13, low flow, piezometer sampling



Low Flow Systes is designed for small diameter piezometers (usually 1.5" ID to 0.75" ID). Flow rates are upto 1/2 gallon per minute and can lift water from aproximately 100 feet. The D-13 has a male thread allowing them to have a maximum outside diameter of 5/8" (13mm). Having such a narrow diameter allows for it to ussually fit into piezometers that generally are not accessible with Standard Flow Systems. Waterra Foot Valve, 5/8" OD, stanless steel SS-13 (low flow) piezometer sampling. FOOT VALVE FEATURES: - self tapping male or female threads for quick installation - ball contained in foot valve for quick sealing and fast valve reaction - foot valves fit our custom valve wrench for ensuring secure attachment - constructed from organic resistant materials - inexpensive and reliable - suitable for well development, purging, sampling and VOC sampling
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PN SS-13
Manufacturer Waterra
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