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We want you be able to assure your workers that their place of work has the best air quality possible. For this reason we bring you a selection of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Particle monitors and accessories. These monitors allow you to be sure the air inside your buildings is free of contaminants.

Concept Controls has joined forces with industry leaders like SKC and TSI to bring you the best monitoring solutions available.

For field work TSI offers their pocket sized Condensation Particle Counter 3007. This unit uses simple and common alkaline batteries and can detect particles as small as 0.01 µm in size. In addition upon your return to home base you can plug the unit in to a computer for the retrieval of data.

For when you don't need a result right away SKC has a line of passive samplers. These samplers, such as the Ethylene Oxide sampler, can provide an easy to use fix. A fix that won't get in the way of your employees productivity.

In addition to these units, items like real-time monitors, pumps, accessories for calibration, and calibration samples are also available from our store.

For a full product line, view our selection below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 1-800-793-9548. We will connect you to an expert who can help you find the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions your business needs.

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  1. Adaptateur d’étalonnage pour PPI jetable

    Adaptateur d’étalonnage à utiliser avec l’impacteur de particules parallèles en plastique jetable (PPI).
    By: SKC
    Part #: 225-389
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  2. SKC Tygon Tubing (1/2"ID x 5/8"OD), 10' Roll

    10 pieds de tube 1/2"I.D. x 5/8"O.D. Tygon pour une utilisation avec des cassettes SKC VersaTrap.
    By: SKC
    Part #: 225-1353
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  3. Pocket Pump TOUCH 3-Pack Kit

    Comprend 3 de chacun: pompes avec batteries Li-Ion, chargeurs USB et mur cube, et porte-tubes simples de type A, dans un boîtier Pelican.
    By: SKC
    Part #: 220-1000TC-K3
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  4. Pocket Pump TOUCH Deluxe 5-Pack Kit

    Comprend 5 de chacune: pompes avec batteries Li-Ion, chargeurs USB et supports à tube unique de type A, un concentrateur de charge USB à 5 ports avec câble d’alimentation et un adaptateur Bluetooth USB DataTrac Pro dans un étui Pelican.
    By: SKC
    Part #: 220-1000TC-K5D
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  5. Pocket Pump TOUCH Single Kit

    Le kit unique comprend: une pompe avec batterie Li-Ion, un chargeur unique et un support à tube unique de type A dans un étui de transport en nylon à parois souples.
    By: SKC
    Part #: 220-1000TC-K
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  6. Pocket Pump TOUCH avec chargeur

    Pocket Pump TOUCH et chargeur unique.
    By: SKC
    Part #: 220-1000TC-C
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  7. Impacteur de particules parallèles (PPI) - Thoracique, Aluminium, 2 L/min

    Aluminium, IPP à quatre étages pour l’échantillonnage thoracique à 2 L/min.
    By: SKC
    Part #: 225-381
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