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SKC EPA 325 Passive TD Tubes for Benzene



  1. Diffusion Caps for Method 325 Tubes, 10/pk

    Pack of 10 replacement diffusion caps for SKC Method 325 Benzene monitoring tubes (p/n 226-525).

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  2. Passive Thermal Desorption Tube for Benzene, 10/pk

    Pack of 10 deactivated stainless steel tubes filled with pre-conditioned Carbopack X.

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For continuous monitoring of benzene at refinery fenceline locations using EPA Method 325. May be used also for other VOCs of concern, including HAPs.

Meets specifications of U.S. EPA 325

  • 3.5 x 0.25-inch OD (sized for Perkin Elmer and Markes International Thermal Desorbers) stainless steel tube deactivated with SilcoNert® 2000
  • Pre-conditioned Carbopack® X or Anasorb GCB1 sorbent held between two 100-mesh stainless steel screens
  • Sealed with brass Swagelok® screw caps with PTFE ferrules for transport
  • Diffusion cap
  • Unique identification number and bar code
  • Airflow direction and cap placement arrow indicators printed on tube

  • Benzene uptake rate of 0.67 ml/min on Carbopack X sorbent 

  • Use to determine average benzene concentration in the range of 0.5 to 500 µg/m3 over a two-week periods

  • Collected compounds are analyzed quantitatively using GC or GC-MS

  • Reusable after laboratory conditioning

  • Weatherproof tube shelter available 

  • Allows for extended sample times for low-level measurements 

  • Establish baseline/manage exceedances for benzene and other HAPs and VOCs. See Technical Note: Sampling Rates for Benzene and Other VOCs Using the SKC Passive TD Tube(PDF)
  • Ideal for establishing average airborne concentrations of additional VOCs of concern
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PN 226-52-GP
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