Aluminum Respirable Dust Cyclone, 25mm



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SKC 25mm aluminum cyclone for respirable dust sampling, providing sharp size selection of the respirable fraction. Eliminates the electrostatic problems associated with nylon (non-conductive) cyclones and allows for the cyclone to sample particles more efficiently.

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The SKC Aluminum Cyclone is a lightweight respirable dust sampler that is used with a filter loaded into a three-piece filter cassette (3-piece filter sold seprarately). The cyclone separates dust particles according to size. The respirable particles collect on a filter for analysis while larger particles fall into the grit pot and are discarded.

25mm or 37mm Cyclone

Available in two sizes: 25 mm for use with 25-mm three-piece cassettes and 37 mm for use with 37-mm three-piece cassettes. The filter material, pore size, and support pad must be selected as specified by the sampling method used. A cyclone's collection efficiency may be influenced by electrostatic effects. If the cyclone carries a net charge, particles of the same charge will be repelled by the cyclone and will not be sampled efficiently. SKC cyclones are constructed of conductive materials that eliminate the static problem associated with nylon (non-conductive) cyclones.

Sampling Rate

  • 2.5 L/min for 4-µm cut-point (OSHA silica rule)

Sampling Pump

  • Universal XR or AirChek series

Sampling Media Required

  • 25 or 37-mm filters in 3-piece cassettes


  • 1/4-in ID
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PN RN-225-01-01
Manufacturer SKC
Item Type Sampler
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