Fall Protection and Safety Harness

Concept Controls makes sure that you have all the requirements for your fall protection needs. Choose from the top brands like Honeywell and MSA for harnesses, lanyards, anchors, and deceleration device. One key component of fall protection is a safety harness. A safety harness not only needs to be functional, but comfortable as well. Some things to keep in mind when choosing your harness is what materials the hardware (D-rings and other connectors are made of). How many D-rings you need, connection points, and sizing, and certifications. Shock absorbing lanyards are also a staple of any fall protection setup. We feature two styles of shock absorbing lanyards: single leg lanyards and twin leg lanyards. Both our selection of single leg and twin leg lanyards have a variety of options including foot level tie off, tie-back options, and 6 & 12 foot lengths.

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