MGD-2002 Helium (25ppm to 100% Volume) 



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The MGD-2002 is ideal leak detector for identifying leaks in municipal or house-hold water systems, radiant heating systems or even in gas delivery systems. Conveniently designed for one-handed operation of all functions making it easy-to-use with features and sensitivity that can measure down to the 25 PPM of a tracer gas and can operate in either automatic or manual modes.

Rental Options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly


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The MGD-2002 Multi-Gas Water Leak Detection Tool is the ideal instrument for detecting leaks in a vaity of applications including pressurized cables and storage tanks. It is also ideal for detecting leaks in pressurized cables, storage tanks or any closed system that can be pressurized with the tracer gas. With detection capabilities down to 25 PPM the MGD can detect even the smallest leaks in buried telephone cables.


  • Pinpoint accuracy with sensitivity from 25 PPM
  • Operates in automatic (survey) mode or manual mode
  • Utilizes either Helium or Hydrogen* as a tracer gas
  • Field replaceable moisture removing cartridge in wand
  • Lightweight, telescoping ground probe with boot
  • Rapid charging Ni-MH battery with AC and car adaptors


  • Municipal Water Systems
  • Residential Water/Waste Systems  
  • Radiant Heating Systems
  • Petroleum Delivery Systems
  • Buried Pipelines
  • Underground Storage Chambers/Tanks
  • Industrial Air/Gas/Liquid Piping Systems
  • Electronics Industry

More Information

More Information
PN RN-MGD-2002
Manufacturer Dielectric
Gas Types Helium (He)
Warranty 1 year Warranty
Item Type Single Gas Detector
Sensor Range Sensitivity: (Min: 25 PPM) / (Max: 1,000,000PPM (100%) / (Increment) 25 PPM
Operating Temperature -10c to +45c (+14F to +113F)
Alarm Type Pulse Width Modulation
Battery Type Nickel–Metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery
Battery Life 6-8 Hours Continuous
Display Type LCD Monochrome
Dimensions (LxWxD) 33.7cm x 12.3cm x 8.3cm (13.3in x 4.9in x 3.3in)
Unit of Measure Each
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