Miller AirCore Oil & Gas Harness with Front D-Ring, Lumbar Pad Belt, Back D-Ring Extension, Universal, Green

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The Miller AirCore Oil & Gas Harness was specifically designed for oil field service industry operators that work on drilling and service rigs. This new line of AirCore harnesses provides the ultimate in performance, comfort and flexibility for long shifts and harsh work conditions. One harness for every job.


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Miller AirCore Oil & Gas Harness

The new Miller AirCore Oil and Gas Harness is designed for workers on drilling or service rigs including everyday application in the oil fields. Finally, you can have one harness for every job! It’s built strong for day-to-day wear and tear and to last in a variety of harsh environments. This new line of AirCore harnesses keeps your workers safe whether they’re positioning pipe, or doing routine rig set up, required maintenance or tear down.


  • Multiple Back D-ring connections –18” extended back D-ring provides an easy-to-reach attachment point for fall arrest, freeing the back D-ring as an additional connection point for fall arrest or rescue
  • Enhanced lumbar padding – Expanded front waist padding for increased comfort and support • Up to 20% lighter than similar competitive harnesses – Increased productivity and reduced fatigue
  • Removable belt with leather guide – Improved design provides increased functionality, comfort and durability
  • Oversized ID tag – Provides quick and easy harness size identification
  • Lower lumbar D-ring – Provides restraint attachment point when needed
  • Bos’n chair attachment – Rigid work seat for added support
  • Seat sling attachment – Flexible seat for use with a derrick climb-assist system, reducing worker fatigue
  • Improved cam buckle – Lightweight, low profile and easy to adjust

COMFORT – Breathable, open-core padding technology provides optimal air flow, while reducing heat and moisture entrapment, keeping a worker drier and cooler. Up to 30% less surface area than other padding used on the market. AirCore harnesses are designed with patented Miller DuraFlex® stretchable webbing that provides greater flexibility and increased comfort.

EASY ADJUSTABILITY – New cam buckles on the shoulder straps make vertical webbing adjustment the easiest of any harness on the market. Mating buckle chest and tongue buckle legs for easy donning.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Materials and components selected to reduce fatigue for all-day endurance and increased productivity; 20% lighter in weight than similar competitive harnesses.

STYLISH DESIGN – Webbing design creates an original and vibrant color for easy identification, greater visibility and increased safety.


  • Webbing (DuraFlex): Stretchable Polyester (green or blue)
  • Cam Buckle: Anodized black aluminum
  • Elastic Keepers: Elastic
  • Thread: 6-cord, bonded 3-strand or polyester thread [Min. tensile strength of 42 lbs (0.19kN)]
  • Grommets: Stainless steel
  • Hardware: Clear chromate, finished carbon steel
  • Back, Belt, Leg and Shoulder Pads: Nylon, polyester, polyurethane, polypro
  • Back Mesh Shield: Polyester mesh
  • Label Pack: Evoprene, nylon
  • Labels: Valeron
  • Size Labels: Hop-Syn XT
  • Bos’n Chair: Leather, polyethylene, aluminum, polyester
  • Seat Sling: Polyester


Max. Capacity: 400 lbs (181.4 kg)

Minimum Tensile Strength

  • Webbing: 5,000 lbs (22kN)
  • D-Ring: 5,000 lbs (22kN)
  • Buckles: 4,000 lbs (18kN)

Compliance Harnesses meet OSHA 1926.502, ANSI Z359.1, ANSI A10.32 and CSA Z259.10-12 requirements.

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