PTFE Filters Preloaded in Cassettes (0.3µm, 37mm) for SARS and Anthrax Sampling, 50/pk



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Pack of 50 PTFE filters, 0.3µm, 37mm, used to sample for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Anthrax, preloaded in a 3-piece cassette.

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SKC PTFE Filters

PTFE filters are the versatile choice for size-selective samplers. The material’s unique properties make it ideal for gravimetric, chemical, and/or microscopic analysis of sample particulate. PTFE filters are used for aerosol sampling, air venting, and gas filtration.PTFE Filter, unsterilized, 0.3 µm, 37 mm, used to sample for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Anthrax, preloaded in a 3-piece cassette, with sealing bands, pk/50 

Note: Sterilized filters are not required when sampling for SARS or Anthrax.


Easy, economical, and widely used

Small, easy, lightweight sampling train

Ideal for personal sampling and placement inside and outside of test areas

Used by agencies to sample for SARS-CoV

Mode of Collection - Filtration, collection onto filter

Media - 37-mm, 0.3-μm PTFE Filter used for SARS

Recommended Sample Pump - AirChek Touch

Specific applications include:

Sampling for Particulate Matter: PTFE filters with a PMP support ring are for particulate matter samplers such as the SKC Personal Modular Impactor (PMI), the Sioutas Impactor, the IMPACT Sampler, the Personal Environmental Monitor (PEM), and the Button Sampler. These filters feature low back pressure which allows longer sampling periods at higher flow rates to enhance sensitivity. See Ordering Information for PTFE filters Cat. Nos. 225-1709, 225-1747, and 225-1711.

Sampling for Metalworking Fluids (NIOSH Method 5524): A PTFE filter with a 2.0-µm pore size and laminated PTFE support may be used with the thoracic Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI) to sample thoracic particulate according to NIOSH 5524 for metalworking fluids.

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