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  1. Solinst USB Optical Reader

    Solinst 110149 USB Optical Reader enables configuration and data upload for the Levelogger Edge, Levelogger Junior...

    By: Solinst
    Part #: RN-110149
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  2. Solinst LeveLogger Edge 3001 LT (5 Meter, 10 Meter, 30 Meter) 

    The Levelogger Edge offers improved stability and reliability with its Hastelloy pressure sensor and Titanium based...

    By: Solinst
    Part #: RN-3001-LEVELOGGER
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  3. Solinst LeveLogger BaroLogger 3001 LT (1.5 Meter) 

    The Barologger Edge measures and logs changes in atmospheric pressure, which are then used to compensate water level...

    By: Solinst
    Part #: RN-3001-BAROLOGGER
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