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SKC Universal PCXR4 Sample Pump



Universal XR Series Sample Pumps for flows from 5 to 5000 ml/min

  • Constant flows from 1 to 5 L/min
  • Low flows with holder from 5 to 500 ml/min
  • Long run times — 12+ hours at 4000 ml/min,20 inches water back pressure
  • Heavy duty and lightweight — only 34 ounces (964 grams)
  • Built-in low flow pressure regulator for multi-tube sampling
  • Choose the automatic features that meet your requirements


Universal 44XR - The Economical Solution

  • Economical
  • Basic operation
  • Convenient flow indicator
  • Designed for rugged industrial environments
  • Part Numbers: 224-44XR, 224-44XR-S, 224-44XRKD

Universal PCXR4 – The compliance Solution

  • Automatic fault shutdown and time retention
    • Pump shuts down and retains sampling time when battery is low or there is excessive back pressure to ensure sample integrity
  • High-accuracy timer
    • Built-in timer provides instant readout of sampling duration.
  • Convenient HOLD feature
    • Allows for breaks
  • Part Numbers: 224-PCXR4, 224-PCXR4-S, 224-PCXR4KD

Universal PCXR8 – The Programmable Solution

  • Built-in high-accuracy timer
    • Sample duration readout
  • Convenient HOLD feature
  • Automatic fault shutdown/time retention
    • Ensures sample integrity upon low battery or excess back pressure
  • Delayed start
    • Set number of minutes to elapse until sample start
  • Timed shutdown
    • Set number of minutes of operation until shutdown
  • Intermittent sampling
    • Extend short-term samples over an extended period to meet TWA requirements with fewer samples
    • Extended intermittent sampling up to 7 days — ideal for fence line monitoring
  • Part Numbers: 224-PCXR8, 224-PCXR8-S, 224-PCXR8KD
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