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The PCXR4 Universal Sample Pump is a constant flow (from 5 to 5000 ml/min) air sampler suitablebfor a broad range of applications. It comes with a Built-in rotameter which provides a visible check of relative flow rate during sampling from 0.5 to 5 L/min. It is ideal for industrial hygiene studies as well as environmental testing.

Rental Options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly


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SKC Universal PCXR4 Sample Pump

Part Number: RN-224-PCXR4

Rental Options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly


Universal PCXR4 air sampler is the total compliance solution providing constant flow range (from 5 to 5000 ml/min) making it suitable for a broad range of applications including industrial hygiene studies as well as environmental testing.


  • Built-in particulate trap
  • Built-in rotameter
  • Low flow regulator
  • Air discharge port
  • Durable RFI-shielded case
  • Digital LCD
  • Tamper-resistant cover
  • Recessed flow adjustment screw
  • Automatic fault shutdown and time retention
  • Pump shuts down and retains sampling time when battery is low or there is excessive back pressure to ensure sample integrity
  • High-accuracy timer
  • Built-in timer provides instant readout of sampling duration.
  • Convenient HOLD feature
  • Allows for breaks


  • Sorbent sample tubes and long-duration detector tubes for collecting most hazardous chemical gases and vapors from the air
  • Cyclones for collecting respirable dust
  • IOM samplers for collecting inhalable dust
  • Filters for collecting total dust, asbestos, or chemical hazards
  • Tedlar sample bags for collecting airborne chemical hazards
  • Impingers for collecting reactive chemicals into liquids


More Information
Manufacturer SKC
Item Type Sampler
Battery Type Nickel–Metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery
Display Type LCD Monochrome
Unit of Measure Each
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